Saturday, 6 September 2014

AP DSC 2014 Notification for 10603 Vacancies

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AP DSC 2014 Notification

AP DSC 2014 Notification is Postponed temporarily due to Technical and Legal Issues. It will likely be issued with in 3, 4 days time. DSC 2014 Notification is likely to be issued about 7,000 Posts only instead of 10603/12803. DSC 2014 written examination will likely be held on 13.12.2014, 14.12.2014 and 15.12.2014. Lot of candidates have been waiting for this DSC 2014 Recruitment. Today's announcement by the AP State Govt will bring cheer among the DSC aspirants who are looking forward for this recruitment since 2 years. So many candidates have come out from B.Ed and D.Ed colleges during these two years. The last recruitment was done in December 2012. Ever since candidates waiting for this DSC 2014 Notification.
There are about 12803 teacher posts vacant in the 13 districts of Seemandhra which includes municipal vacancies and vacancies in the tribal welfare department. These posts includes all categories such as School Assistant English, Telugu, Maths, Physics, Biology, Social Studies, Secondary Grade Teachers, SGT, PET, and Language Pandits (LP). In Andhra Pradesh, the Telugu Desam Party has promised students in their manifesto that their government will recruit teacher posts on a regular basis

APDSC 2014 SGT Exam New Pattern

AP DSC 2014 Vacancies (Updated on 22.07.2014)

APDSC 2014 District wise vacancies will likely be the following. (Updated on 22.07.2014)
Srikakulam District
School Assistant:220
Language Pandit: 103
PET (Physical Education Teacher): 21
SGT (Secondary Grade Teacher): 375
Total Posts in Srikakulam District: 719

Vizianagaram District
School Assistant:104
Language Pandit:33
PET (Physical Education Teacher):07
SGT (Secondary Grade Teacher):218
Total Posts in Srikakulam District:362

Visakhapatnam District
School Assistant:307
Language Pandit:59
PET (Physical Education Teacher): 28
SGT (Secondary Grade Teacher):793
Total Posts in Srikakulam District:1187

East Godavari District
School Assistant:192
Language Pandit: 120
PET (Physical Education Teacher): 19
SGT (Secondary Grade Teacher):884
Total Posts in Srikakulam District:1215

West Godavari District
School Assistant: 123
Language Pandit: 84
PET (Physical Education Teacher): 0
SGT (Secondary Grade Teacher): 394
Total Posts in Srikakulam District: 601

Krishna District
School Assistant:104
Language Pandit:49
PET (Physical Education Teacher):13
SGT (Secondary Grade Teacher):213
Total Posts in Srikakulam District: 379

Guntur District
School Assistant:159
Language Pandit:43
PET (Physical Education Teacher):23
SGT (Secondary Grade Teacher): 682
Total Posts in Srikakulam District:907

Prakasam District
School Assistant:79
Language Pandit:16
PET (Physical Education Teacher):21
SGT (Secondary Grade Teacher): 723
Total Posts in Srikakulam District:839

Nellore District
School Assistant:57
Language Pandit:42
PET (Physical Education Teacher):10
SGT (Secondary Grade Teacher):307
Total Posts in Srikakulam District:416

Chittoor District
School Assistant:221
Language Pandit:182
PET (Physical Education Teacher):09
SGT (Secondary Grade Teacher):1194
Total Posts in Srikakulam District:1606

YSR Kadapa District
School Assistant:104
Language Pandit:40
PET (Physical Education Teacher):06
SGT (Secondary Grade Teacher):206
Total Posts in Srikakulam District:356

Anantapur District
School Assistant:57
Language Pandit:106
PET (Physical Education Teacher):15
SGT (Secondary Grade Teacher):1108
Total Posts in Srikakulam District:1286

Kurnool District
School Assistant:122
Language Pandit:98
PET (Physical Education Teacher): 13
SGT (Secondary Grade Teacher):497
Total Posts in Srikakulam District:730

The above vacancies are tentative. They are not yet confirmed. Complete details about subject wise, category wise vacancies will be released today along with AP DSC 2014 Notification. This page will be updated as soon as the notification is published.

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